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31st Aug 2022

Our Identity as Men

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The definition of identity is "The condition of being oneself." The problem with many men is they aren't sure how to be themselves. Many grew up without a good example of a man so they are often figuring it out as they move through adulthood. They often live with a weight of insecurity and inwardly ask themselves, "Am I doing this right?" This insecurity is hurting men today because men without identity often hurt themselves, others, and society as a whole. We are digging into identity and why it is so important to us as men.

Why Identity is Important

  • As men, our identity is the foundation of everything  in our life
  • What you think of yourself is the foundation of how you live
  • The danger of this for many men is this was something modeled for them

The Danger of Group Identity

  • What many men do when they don't really have an identity is go looking for an identity
  • Any pack that brings recognition attracts men with no identity
  • Packs aren't bad for men
  • The good or bad of a pack is  based on the motivation of your pick
  • Men need to understand Similar vs Sameness

Why Don't Men Have an Identity?

  • Lack of contemplation
  • Overload of distractions
  • Outward scorecards

Think about your own identity this week

  • Do you own your identity? Do you have one?
  • Have you given control of your life to group identity or to some type of scorecard?

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