Episode 94

Published on:

6th Jul 2022

The Battles Men Face for Their Freedom

This week we are talking about our freedom as men. Men often long for freedom but what does it look like? We are going to use a specific definition of a free man in our discussions today:


Free men live better lives and make a positive difference in the world, but it doesn't come easy. Today we are going to discuss the battles that all of us face as men when seeking to live free.

Men Battle an Inner Drive for Comfort

  • Comfort can cause us to stop moving toward our full potential
  • Our desire for comfort is us rewarding ourselves and saying "we deserve this"
  • Our purpose should be the driver of our life and not the desire for comfort
  • We lose freedom when we start to make decisions based on what is easy and not what is right
  • We have to be careful as men and watch to make sure that our drive has not become comfort-based and not purposed based

Men Battle the Casualties of War

  • Getting hurt is a part of life
  • The emotional hurts are the hardest ones to overcome
  • Many men get hurt emotionally and they check out of life
  • By doing this they are willingly giving up on the freedom that comes with living their full potential
  • Dealing with hurts is learning to process them

Men Battle the Fatigue of the Fight

  • The military calls it R&R = Rest and Recuperation; Rest and Recreation; Rest and Rehabilitation
  • We must take fatigue seriously
  • What is Rest?
  • What is Recuperation (Recreation)
  • R&R is our responsibility as men
  • We also have to balance them with our roles as husbands, dads, workers, etc...

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