Episode 109

Published on:

26th Oct 2022

The Realities of Physical Fitness

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As men have gotten more passive in society we have seen the negative effects on our health. There is an overweight epidemic among men and we need to quit ignoring it and deal with it. Dealing with it starts with us! We have to take responsibility for our own physical fitness as men. The beginning starts not with our bodies but with our minds and how we think about fitness.

The All or Nothing Tendency

  • Go big or go home isn't a good attitude for our physical fitness
  • All or nothing with fitness can hurt us when it comes to improving our physical fitness
  • We can't ignore reality
  • Find what works and what fits your life
  • Understand that your fitness habits can change as the seasons of life change

The Fun Aspect

  • The element of fun or enjoyment has to be part of it or you won't do it
  • What CAN I do to make it happen and make it something I enjoy
  • Think creatively when it comes to working out
  • Getting in better shape doesn't have to hurt, you aren't in seal training
  • Discipline is a decision
  • Let fun be part of your physical fitness decision and you will be more consistent with it

Improve Your Grade

  • Take a graded approach to your fitness
  • Start with your reality first
  • Moving up a grade could be just starting with one thing that helps improve your physical fitness
  • Then think about moving up a grade
  • Coaching can help your grades

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