Episode 103

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14th Sep 2022

Why So Many Weak Men?

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The Link to the video I talked about in the opener: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF3FX43F-7Y

Weakness is something many men struggle with today. I'm not talking about physical weakness but an overall weakness of character. This isn't something men have done on purpose. Men have been attacked and put down for over 50 years! We are seeing the effects today with men who are living weak lives because that is what has been modeled for them. However, you don't have to accept it. We are going to talk about what has made us weak as men and how we need to embrace our natural passion as men. Passion is our natural power source.

The Reason We Have So Many Weak Men

  • Society needs men of passion
  • Men and women are different and men are designed to live a life of passion
  • Men are similar but aren't the same
  • The castration of the modern man
  • Passionate men can't be controlled
  • Passionate men do the unexpected

The Case for Passion

  • Passion is the energy source for men
  • A man's passion is contagious and is how we influence others
  • Men of passion make a difference in the world
  • Passion flows from purpose
  • We shouldn't be afraid of our passion as men
  • We should embrace it and stoke the fires within

The Focused Passion of a Man

  • The biggest thing men battle today is focusing their passions
  • Unfocused passion becomes out-of-control appetites
  • Men who don't have a purpose outside of themselves will become the focus of their own purpose
  • Unfocused passion wastes a man's potential
  • Men grow and mature as they learn that life isn't all about them
  • Focused passions direct your life and engage all of your abilities and strengths as a man

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